Day: March 8, 2018


How To Frame Photography

In the last weeks, we have been talking a lot about photography and how to edit the mobile phone. However, the best apps or editing programs will not do you any good if the picture we have taken is not unusual. So today I want to give you some advice on how to frame a photograph. photograph framing It is one of the most important aspects, in which we will mainly decide what will come out in the photograph and what will be left out. But not only that, but the way in which we frame can determine the hierarchy between the different elements and many of the sensations that the image will transmit.
business frames Mostly, the framing is the portion of space that will capture the objective of the camera, and that will ultimately result in the plane that we will obtain in the photograph. The process begins in our head when we see something worthy of being photographed, and we imagine the capture. best picture frames online

What Is The Frame?

Framing is one of the most critical elements of photographic composition – it is not the only one, we cannot forget others such as lighting, perspective or focus – but it is usually the first one we decide.

Types Of Framing

There are several types of frames, which depend on different aspects such as the format of the photograph (if the final capture is square, panoramic, ultra-panoramic …), but also the position of the camera:

  • Horizontal: the most natural, transmits harmony and stability, ideal for landscapes.
  • Vertical: that imparts strength and firmness, ideal for portraits and photographs for advertising purposes-
  • Oblique: with the camera twisted, typical to transmit dynamism, instability or action.

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Simple Tips On How To Frame A Photograph Properly

Next, I want to give you some tips that will help you to make your frames more accurate and have higher strength:

The rule of thirds

A classic in photography, the first rule that is usually heard. It consists of dividing the frame into nine parts with two imaginary vertical lines and two horizontal lines parallel and equidistant. This means that we will have four points in which they will cross, called strong points. We must try to ensure that the essential elements of photography are found in those points or lines.